Residence Sititelec

Our residence in Sititletec, Bihor County offers you a wide range of options. Whether you like to be in a light-filled apartment, lie outside in the sun or enjoy gardening, looking after animals, hiking or walking or doing other sporting activities. You definitely won't get bored with us. We try to involve our residents according to their possibilities and wishes. Everyone as they can and want.


The residence seen from the street

The entire area of our residence is securely fenced, lit, video monitored and the walkways are concrete at ground level and fully wheelchair accessible (from the parking lot to the bed). The residence is located on a quiet ring road with no significant traffic in Sititelec. The surrounding area is rural, the nearest big city Oradea can be easily reached in 15 minutes by car.


Step by step to your new home!

Changing your place of residence is often an emotional matter. Especially if you want to go abroad - away from everything you're used to. We try to make this step as easy as possible for you.

We offer our residents several trips by minibus every week, for example to go shopping in Oradea, and we are also happy to help with administrative procedures, banking matters and so on.
Furthermore: We deliver the apartments completely furnished and fully equipped. So you don't need to initiate a major move if this becomes too stressful for you.
And this is what our apartments look like:


Here is the outside view of a house with 2 bedrooms.

1 bedroom house

  • Construction area 51 sqm, living area 38 sqm + 21 sqm terrace

House with 2 bedrooms

  • Construction area 61 sqm, living area 48 sqm + 25 sqm terrace
  • Bathroom: shower, toilet, sink, fully tiled, separate water connection for a washing machine.
  • Kitchen: Equipped kitchen with sink and separate water connection for the dishwasher, 2 electric hotplates, modern gas boiler, electrical fuse box with FI circuit breaker, router (internet), with laminate flooring.
  • Living room: sofa bed (extendable), dining table with 4 chairs, internet connection (functional) and television connection (prepared for a satellite receiver), television, with laminate flooring
  • 1 or 2 bedrooms: king-size bed (without mattress), wardrobe, internet connection (functional) and television connection (prepared for a satellite receiver), laid out with laminate
  • Terrace: Water connection (Gardena), gas bottle box (2 bottles), lined with gravel.
  • Roof: With concrete tiles on a wooden roof truss, rain gutters.
  • Insulation: 5cm insulation on floor surfaces, 10cm insulation on external walls, roof with 10cm glass wool, 2.5cm wood and 5cm natural material.
  • Heating: Modern gas boiler 24KW based on bottled gas, thermostat with internet connection for remote maintenance.
  • Water: From our own well, pumped at at least 3 bar and filtered. Additionally water from the municipal utilities as a backup.

All passageways and doors, even the distances between the expected interior furnishings, have been calculated to leave at least 91cm of space. This means the homes can be easily maneuvered with a walking frame or wheelchair.


When planning the bathrooms in particular, care was taken to ensure that there was as much space as possible. The bathrooms can also be accessed with a wheelchair if necessary. If necessary, a washing machine can be installed next to the sink.


In this picture you can see the proportions of the entire area. The residence's houses are built on a total area of 3000 square meters. This offers enough space and enough spaciousness to maintain your privacy.


The residence includes 12 2-bedroom homes and 5 1-bedroom homes. We can accommodate a maximum of 29 residents in total. This means that our residence is not large, but it offers a manageable environment for all residents with enough opportunities to retreat.


What do I like to do?

Every person is different. That's why we offer a variety of possible activities on the residence grounds. Whether you like gardening, helping to look after our little animals or organizing parties...

... on the extensive area (4500 sqm) you have all options open to you. The walkway between the apartments serves as a meeting place. This is the place where we all meet, meet up or just stretch our legs for a bit.

We also have a meeting place with an inviting, well-heated banquet hall where we organize small parties or enjoy a lunch together. In the garden we have a pavilion with a fireplace, an inviting hot tub with cozy, hot water and also our little animals such as rabbits, chickens, ...


Do you like gardening? You can plant whatever you want in front of your home. Also: We grow our own vegetables in the community garden every year. You are welcome to participate.


Don't be alone!

With us you are not alone. When putting together the residents, we make sure that the characters can get along and are willing to help each other within their means...

... and on the other hand, the residence is permanently occupied by the administrator. So if you need help or need a contact person - there is always someone there. We also provide each resident with an emergency watch (optional). If something happens you can raise the alarm - no matter where you are. The emergency watch alerts via the mobile phone network and has GPS localization.
And if you want to retreat, you can also use the terrace and enjoy a cozy get-together. Maybe with a glass of fine Romanian wine or would you rather read a book in peace?


Furthermore: Communication with your loved ones should not stop. We will be happy to help you with advice and assistance regarding video calls, mobile phones, etc. You also have WLAN (wireless internet) in all apartments and throughout the entire property. This means you can always be reached - if you wish.

We also offer 2 beautiful guest rooms. So if your loved ones come to visit, you are welcome to sleep in our guest rooms for a small fee.


What do I have to bring?

Basically not much. Since we do justice to all residents and want to maintain the highest possible level of harmony among the residents, here are a few points:

Medical requirement

Medical care in Oradea is good. Whether it's simple wound care tasks or weekly dialysis, through to CT scans, the public and private clinics here in Oradea are numerous and well equipped. Basically, we also try to help you with things like; Doctor visits, clinic visits, looking for a pharmacy or special medication to help - if this is within our power and knowledge. It is clear to us that Romania is a new country for you with new tasks. We try to help you as best we can so that you can enjoy your stay with us and, to a certain extent, be able to act more and more independently.
Nevertheless, please note that we require the following from residents:

  • You are at least 50 years young.
  • You are mobile enough to be able to move around yourself and climb small stairs - although sometimes with a little effort or assistance.
  • You are in full possession of your cognitive and communicative abilities. You have good choice of words and can contribute to conversations.
  • You do not have any unusual behavior or psychological problems and do not become violent. They don't shout around either.
  • You can take care of yourself; Personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, cooking, eating and drinking and using the toilet. You do not suffer from incontinence.
  • You design your own everyday life, make social contacts and maintain them. You go shopping alone or with your friends, have a coffee together or garden, or...

You must meet these requirements, due to the fact that as a residence we do not offer care. This means that we cannot accept people with dementia or people suffering from Altheimer's disease.

And this is what you can expect from your new home:

  • A residential building of at least 48/38sqm with a terrace of 25/21sqm. Apartment divided into: 1 or 2 separate bedrooms, an open kitchen with living room and a bathroom. Occupancy with a maximum of 1 or 2 people.
  • The house is fully furnished with 1 or 2 beds (160x200) as well as 1 or 2 wardrobes, 1 television, dining table with 2 or 4 chairs, complete kitchen, sofa bed (extendable) and a side table, toilet and step-free shower. Also with GWM or WM, directly connected, for an additional charge.
  • Internet access via WiFi throughout the entire site and in the apartments.
  • Parking lot (video monitored, fenced).
  • Everything is at ground level, no steps. Completely wheelchair accessible (everything is concrete except the parking lot).
  • House cleaning, additional bathroom disinfection for an additional charge (optional).
  • Change bed linen once a week, as well as bath towels or full laundry service for an additional charge (optional).
  • Free access to the gardens (video monitored, fenced, ground level without steps).
  • Shared use of the common ballroom in the main building next to the gardens.
  • Once per summer month there is a barbecue with all residents for a cost share (optional).
  • Organization of excursions with the residents for a fee (optional).
  • Inspection tours; At the request of the residents, we can come by up to 3 times a day (morning, lunch, evening) and ask how they are doing.
  • Emergency number; If something should happen, you can give us the phone number of one of your relatives who you would like us to call.
  • 24 hour SOS service (physical on-site presence).
  • SOS watch (GSM) with SOS button, GPS (positioning) and heart rate (optional).
  • Home maintenance service; The entire system is maintained by our administrator or appointed third parties. But you are welcome to help.
  • Manual assistance; We are happy to help our residents with smaller craft work.
  • Holiday service; We keep your apartment looking good and water your houseplants while you go on vacation or are otherwise absent.
  • Help with administrative procedures, e.g. to obtain a residence permit or register at a clinic or other medical facility. Care. We can also help you with your bank if this ever becomes necessary.

In short:

Don't be alone

We are a fun group of older people who like to enjoy their lives. We help each other and support each other. We talk a lot, celebrate and go on trips together.

In case of emergency

Even if you're not feeling well, someone is always there or visits you up to 3 times a day and is there as a contact person.

We help each other

We are happy to help with smaller craft jobs. This also applies to official or bank matters or even just going shopping.

Washing and cleaning

For a small fee, we clean your house weekly, wash the bed linen and bath towels or all the laundry.


The property itself is located on an asphalt road and is free of through traffic (ring road for residents) - so it is very quiet, 200m away from the forest.

Thermal baths

Just 30 minutes away from our residence, you will find the well-known Felix baths with sulphurous hot water. From my own experience I can tell you that this is a blessing - especially in the colder seasons. Entrance fees without a subscription are around €9 per day.
In 15 minutes from our residence you can reach the Tinca thermal baths. It is smaller than the large Felix baths and a little more private.


Felix Baths

Mountains, hiking, skiing

About an hour's drive away you will reach the mountains, which are ideal for hiking and walking. There you will also find stalactite caves, ski resorts, adventure and climbing parks and much more.
There are also well-developed walking paths which are also suitable for people who are no longer so good on foot.



To go fishing in public waters, you need a fishing license. You can easily get this here (without training) and costs around €30 per year. We can help you with this.
There are also a lot of private lakes where you can go fishing. These usually have a restaurant, barbecue station and other amenities for families. You will find plenty of fishing equipment here. There are some specialized shops for accessories - usually much cheaper than in Germany.
You will find such a private lake less than a 3-minute drive from the residence.

The atmosphere

Each retirement community has a different atmosphere. Our residence also leaves its own impression. Basically:

  • We are lively, open-minded living parties who want to live together. Therefore: ...
  • ...let's help each other. Everyone will be happy about it.
  • ...we discuss problems openly and talk to each other.
  • ... keep our religious views to ourselves and do not try to proselytize one another.
  • ...we value a clean and beautiful community area and treat it properly.
  • ... we enjoy peace and comfort. That's why we don't play instruments or listen to loud music - not even in our apartments.
  • ... we organize meeting evenings and excursions together.

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets (not even dogs or cats). However, we constantly keep 5 to 20 rabbits and chickens in our free-range enclosure. You are welcome to visit the bunnies. The animals enjoy being petted and are very trusting.


Useful and needed

We need your skills. You are welcome to contribute your ideas and help shape coexistence in the community. With us you have the opportunity to actively participate in maintenance, look after our animals, garden, grow vegetables and much more.

Or would you like to spontaneously organize a party with the other residents? No problem - we have everything ready. However, the following applies: everyone decides for themselves how intensive the exchange is. If you don't like it or can't do it, that's absolutely ok.


We are currently in the process of renovating the two existing old farmhouses. The project with the residence, i.e. the residential buildings, is currently in the planning phase. Prices arent yet calculated. We will allow presales with slightly lowered prices.

Start of construction

We are expected to start construction in February / March 2025 and expect construction to be completed by the end of 2027 at the latest

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