Residence Oradea

The apartments are located in the city of Oradea, in the luxurious residential area "Grigorescu". The Quartier Grigorescu has developed into an absolute luxury quarter since 2014 and consists exclusively of upper middle class single-family houses. The buildings (House 1 and House 2) were built in 2020 and offer an ideal retreat for residents with higher demands. A condominium that offers a lot for little money with a total of 6 owners

Built according to European standards, fully documented and with energy efficiency certificate (A). Thanks to its own electricity and water supply, it is an ideal and inexpensive "Plan B" investment for the future. No matter what comes; On the more than 2000 mq area you can move freely, garden or simply enjoy the sun and the water at the swimming pool.

Take a look at our expose and come by. We would be happy to show you the entire residential complex - our residential complex is completely finished. So you don't buy empty promises.


House 1 has 4 apartments/condos and is in a quiet location. The sidewalks throughout the facility are concrete and at ground level - from the parking lot to the front door. All doors are at least 87cm wide and therefore wheelchair accessible.

All the images you see in this expose are real and unedited. You are cordially invited to visit our apartments or to test stay for 2 days! Everything you see in the pictures is included in the offer.


The apartments are spacious and bright with 65 square meters. Good external insulation helps to save a lot on heating costs - cooling is not necessary in summer. The inside temperature remains stable at a maximum of 25 degrees even when the outside temperature is 35 degrees. However, the power plug for an air conditioner is already available - the installation is quick and easy (optional).


All apartments are ready to move into and fully furnished. The furniture is included in the price and is in new condition. The kitchens are also equipped with crockery for up to 4 people. Also: microwave and kettle.


The entire living area is equipped with laminate and soundproofing. The laminate floor between the kitchen and living room is divided into two sections. If the laminate ever needs replacing, you only need to replace one section. The rooms are bright - even on the darkest winter days, you don't necessarily have to turn on the lights.

Two separate, spacious bedrooms, each with a double bed and its own TV and internet connection. Ideal for couples who sleep a little "louder". The walls are all brick (no plasterboard).

In the kitchen you will find 2 electric hobs, a sink, a microwave and a kettle, as well as pans, crockery and cutlery as basic equipment. The kitchen can easily be extended with standard pieces from a kitchen builder known here - we can help you with that. Connections for a washing machine/dishwasher are already available - the device only needs to be connected (optional).


The gas heating is installed in the kitchen. It generates heat for the underfloor heating and hot water for the kitchen and bathroom. A T-piece has already been installed for the gas connection; you can easily modify the existing electric hobs into gas hobs (already included in the project). And: A refrigerator is already installed.


The bathrooms consist of a walk-in step-free shower, a permanently installed hair dryer, a wash hand basin and a toilet. Everything is easily accessible and functional. The taps are of good quality and already equipped with water saving heads. Next to the toilet there is a socket for installing an electric bidet (optional).

If you want to connect a washing machine in the bathroom, this is possible next to the hand wash. There is enough space, water and sewage connections and a socket are already there.

Enough space has been left in the bathroom for a wheelchair to fit comfortably. On request, the bathroom can be fully developed for people with walking difficulties.


From the balconies you have a wonderful view and at night you can also see the fireworks of the city.

balconies and terraces

Spacious balconies and terraces, each with 2 chairs and a small table. The balcony railing is galvanized and additionally powder-coated.


Around the buildings there is a beautifully landscaped garden with a swimming pool, children's playground and party house. The entire garden is shared by the residents. Thus, in addition to the land area around the building, each apartment also has 1/6 of the community garden with pool. The pool is sun heated but can be converted to electric heating if desired. A modern sand filter and a powerful pool pump are installed in a service shaft.


In the party house by the pool there is a small kitchen, a refrigerator and a mobile buffet. This includes enough quality aluminum chairs and tables for 16 people. The house is also equipped with party light effects and 7 professional loudspeakers.

underfloor heating

All rooms in the houses are equipped with modern underfloor heating.


You can regulate the temperature in the apartment yourself. Gas via your own meter.

sound insulation

The whole house is sound and heat insulated. Walls with at least 10 cm, floors with at least 5 cm insulating material. All windows with 6 chambers + triple glazed.


All rooms are equipped with either anti-allergic ceramic tiles or laminate flooring.

video surveillance

The residence is under video surveillance 24 hours a day and can be connected to an alarm center if required.


Internet and TV already installed through a central entrance (a subscription for 4 apartments in house 1 and a subscription in house 2). In addition, fiber optics have already been installed in every apartment.

fenced in

The entire residence is completely fenced. Fences are at least 2m high.


Almost all areas are illuminated with modern LED lights. This gives you additional security, especially at night.


We operate an 11 KWh photovoltaic system and generate a large part of our own electricity. In this way, you can massively reduce your electricity costs.

LiPoFe Accu

If desired, a LiPoFe battery with a maximum of 15 KWh or a generator can be attached to the existing system in order to become more independent from the electricity provider.

water source

The residence has its own well with a powerful pump (8bar to 2qm/h flow rate). Purchasing water from the municipal utility is possible, but not necessary.


Here you can BBQ as often and as long as you want.


This is how the houses are arranged. Current, final status. Each apartment has its own record in the cadastre (CF). In house 1 there are 4 apartments (2 ground floor + 2 upper floor), in house 2 there are 2 apartments (2 ground floor).


The red line represents the property lines for each house, divided into 2 or 4 parts (each apartment a share). The garden with the pool is shared by all apartments (each 1/6). The square meters highlighted in red refer to the property, those highlighted in orange to the land portion for each apartment (included in the purchase price). 


All apartments have the same structure. On the picture above you can see the exact dimensions. The apartments in house 1 and house 2 are the same (mirrored).


In the bathroom you will find the only plasterboard wall behind the toilets. All the lines are routed behind it: water, waste water, electricity, internet, TV. In the event of an accident, this wall can be worked on at low cost. In addition: The main water shut-off valve for each apartment can also be found there.

The walls in the bathroom are partially painted with paint that is resistant to chlorine and cleaning agents. This makes cleaning much easier.


The plan shows the electrical installation with light, sockets, TV and internet connections. Energy-saving LED lamps are already installed. In addition: Each apartment is connected to a central Internet access - so the apartments can share a TV/Internet subscription. However, each apartment already has a separate fiber optic cable and can also have a separate high-speed connection with a provider of your choice. RDS/RCS is currently installed. Each apartment has its own energy meter that can be read without entering the apartment.


Photovoltaic modules with a total of 11 KW are installed on the roof of the building, which are controlled by a Huawei inverter. The building produces a large part of its electricity consumption itself.


The entire system produces between 60 and 70 KWh on sunny days. With an average daily requirement of approx. 4 kWh per apartment, the solar system produces more than enough electricity for all apartments. Excess electricity is fed into the public grid and can be drawn 1:1 at night or in bad weather.

From the beginning of August 2022 to the end of November 2022, i.e. in 3 months, the photovoltaic system has produced a total of 4.26 MWh (4'260 KWh).

Furthermore, the connection of a LiPoFe battery is already provided and can be easily connected with up to 15 KWh. Due to the risk of fire from LiPoFe batteries, the connection is outside the house. An emergency power generator can also be switched on there.

PS: The photovoltaic installation is completely privately financed and not burdened with state funds. The contract with the energy supplier is on the base of compensation - not remuneration. This means that there are no taxes on the electricity generated.


Each apartment is connected to the gas separately and has a modern gas heating system. The gas connection is already equipped with a T-piece, so you can easily switch from an electric to a gas cooker in the kitchen. The distributor for underfloor heating is installed invisibly in the wall between the kitchen and the bathroom. Each apartment has its own gas meter that can be read without entering the apartment.

On average, monthly gas costs per apartment in winter are around € 30 to € 50 - in summer around € 4 to € 10 (depending on how many people live in an apartment and how the temperature is set. Prices from 2021).


DIVACONDENS E F24 is a wall-mounted full condensing boiler with an active recovery system for primary medium and hot water preparation with a high efficiency of up to 103.5%.

The DIVACONDENS E central unit benefits from a digital control panel with a smart and intuitive menu, allowing quick selection of working modes and easy visualization of all operating parameters.


The FLOORTEC PE-Xcellent 5 pipe for underfloor heating convinces with its 5-layer structure, with the oxygen barrier layer in the middle, and 5 strong advantages, such as high temperature resistance, minimal wear and tear and a long service life, environmentally friendly, being 100% recyclable and flexible.

The pipes of the underfloor heating are laid with a distance of 10 cm. Except along the outside walls (4 rows with a 5cm spacing to prevent mold) and in the bathroom (generally with a 5cm spacing). Special: The floor of the shower is also heated so that you don't get cold feet while showering.


Kömmerling System 76 MD: The standard thermal insulation value of the window frame (PVC profile and reinforcement) is Uf = 1.0 W/(m²K) and for the proCoverTec variant (profile filled with insulating foam) Uf = 0.82 W/(m²K ), resulting in thermal insulation window coefficient Uw = 0.80 W/(m²K). Profile system with 6 thermal and acoustic insulation chambers. Sound insulation 48 dB.


Thanks to all the efforts, the building was certified with an energy efficiency A. This means that you are buying an apartment in a building that is insulated according to the latest technology and is heated in an energy-saving manner.


Water connections are chosen intelligently. So you can easily connect a washing machine in the kitchen. All water connections are installed together with a sewer connection. In the bathroom, a bathtub can be installed in place of the existing shower with a small conversion. Each apartment has its own water connection and can be closed separately; from the outside as well as from the inside.


Central piping

At the central point on Apateului 115, electricity, gas, water and sewerage are brought to the site and distributed to the houses via central pipes (private investment). The pipes are buried at least 1.8m in the ground and are therefore absolutely frost-proof. The roof drainage also runs via the central line and thus prevents unpleasant sewage system odors through regular flushing when it rains.
Safety: Electricity, gas and water can be switched off at the central entry point, in front of each house and in each apartment by the residents themselves.


The administration of the residence is guaranteed by the seller. After all the apartments have been sold, the new owners have to form an association and the contracts for gas, electricity and water are transferred to the association.



Each apartment has its own entry in the land registry and is registered separately with the authorities for tax purposes. Ownership and construction are approved, documented and no longer contestable. This means that each individual apartment can also be bought with a mortgage loan. All necessary documents are kept.

Here are the most important documents in advance:


The prices include 1 balcony or terrace for each apartment, land share for the lot on which the house is built and 1/6 of the common garden with swimming pool and playground for children. The apartments are fully equipped and can be occupied on the same day. Immediate availability (notarized preliminary contract + min. 15% advance payment) or from March 2023 with notarized sales contract and full payment as well the record in the land register.


I am selling as a person - not as a company.
0757168667 or Whatsapp
I speak English, Romanian and German.


Whole floor

Connect 2 apartments next to each other without much effort and you have an apartment over the entire floor. The door is already structurally prepared and statically approved in the planning - the extra wide door lintel is already walled in.

A worthwhile investment

Property ownership in Romania is a worthwhile investment. Land and property prices are still rising in Romania. This trend is particularly evident in the cities and is fueled by the immigration of different nationalities and a continuing rural exodus. After the corona restrictions, which were much more relaxed in Romania than in Germany, properties with a garden are in great demand.
Romania has no capital or property tax. So your money is safe. This is also because land and real estate ownership in Romania are protected by the constitution. With your own apartment in Romania, you can transfer your official place of residence to Romania. This means that you will then be subject to tax in Romania and no longer pay capital tax in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Depending on your assets, this alone will have paid for half of an apartment in the first tax year.

The purchase process

Signing of a preliminary contract with the seller
After you have found the most suitable apartment for you, it is time to sign a preliminary contract. The seller is a private person. This contract will only be signed in the presence of the notary and will guarantee that this property will be sold to you.

You only need to bring your identity card with you to sign the preliminary contract. The owner of the property must also provide the extract from the land registry and a copy of the title deed to prove that he really owns the said property.

As a precaution for the seller, the buyer pays a minimum of 15% deposit upon signing the preliminary contract. This amount is in turn specified in the contract. If the bank rejects the loan application, you will receive the entire deposit back (minus costs and transfer fees). 

In addition, the notary's fee is borne by the buyer.

Valuation of the property (when buying with a mortgage)
After signing the preliminary contract, the next step towards owning your own home is the appraisal of the property by a real estate appraiser. For appraisal, you need to bring the title documents of the seller of the property, the cadastral documents, the energy performance certificate and the land registry extract to the bank in order to establish the data of the property appraisal. This valuation is financially borne by the buyer and varies from bank to bank.

The real estate appraisal process takes a maximum of three days, and the appraisal report contains data on:

- Construction year
- Electrical and plumbing installations
- The heating mode of the property and the energy performance certificate of the building
- Location: close to the market, parks, schools, public transport
- The presence of a parking space or garage

After the property appraisal report, if everything is in order, the bank approves the loan agreement. The purchase contract can then be signed.

Signing the purchase contract
The signing of the purchase contract takes place exclusively at the notary and each party must come with the necessary papers to sign the documents.

Thus, the seller must provide the identity document, the proof of ownership, the tax certificate, the cadastre documents, the extract from the land register, the energy performance certificate and the proof of the city hall proving the absence of tax debts. On the other hand, as a buyer, you need to bring your ID card, marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if applicable) and the loan agreement that will be signed on the same day the money is paid out.

At the same time, you need to take into account a number of fees that must be paid for the conclusion of the contract. The buyer pays the notary fees, which are charged as a percentage of the value of the relevant property, as well as the mortgage deed notarization and tabulation fee. All costs are listed in more detail below.

Please note: the above prices are exempt for non-EU/EEA citizens and the notary fees published below will be approximately double as you can only purchase property in Romania through a Romanian company.
Thus, non-EU/EEA citizens must first set up a Romanian company (takes about 2 weeks) and then buy an apartment on behalf of the company. We can help you with that.

Purchase costs

When buying a Romanian property in the above price range (without a mortgage loan) you can expect the following costs:
€ 1'100.- Notary's fees (purchase agreement)
€ 150.- Cadastral record
€ 15.- Cadastral documentation
In the case of financing through a mortgage loan, the following costs are added to the purchase:
€ 200.- Notary fees (credit agreement)
€ 95.- cadastral record (mortgage)

If you decide on an apartment, the preparations on our part will take about two working days. The transfer is completed in one working day at the notary.

Residence permit

In Romania it is easy for EU/EEA citizens to obtain a residence permit. You will get a temporary residence permit (valid for 2 years) for the first 5 years and then a permanent residence permit (valid for 5 years, with photo, as official ID). With a residence permit you are entitled to work and receive a regular registration number (CNP).
When you receive the CNP number, you officially confirm your place of residence in Romania and, if you want/can, you can officially deregister in Germany, Austria, UK or Switzerland.
We can help you with the formalities.

Don't buy a pig in a poke!

Come by and try out living in your new apartment for up to 2 days! If you decide to stay in the apartment, we will not charge you for the stay and you can stay in your new apartment until the sales contract has been concluded.

Call us and make an appointment!


You can easily reach Oradea by car. Oradea has had a direct motorway connection with Hungary for a few years. Drive towards Budapest, Debrecen and Oradea. You can be in Budapest in about 3 hours, in Vienna in 5 hours and in Munich in about 9 hours. You can reach Basel in about 13 hours.

By plane, ideally look for a direct connection to Oradea International Airport (OMR). Otherwise there are many connections via Budapest (RO) and Debrecen (HU). If you travel by private plane, the easiest way is to land directly in Oradea (OMR / LROD), the landing and stand fees are reasonable and can be paid by credit card (VISA/Mastercard).


Oradea is the big city in northwestern Romania. Easy to reach via the motorway from Hungary (direct connection) or via Oradea or Debrecen international airport. So your loved ones can simply come and visit.


5 minutes by car from the residence are the well-known Felix baths with the sulphurous thermal water. There you will also find a beautiful forest with walking paths.


For sports enthusiasts: The Transylvanian mountains, which invite you to hike and in winter to go skiing or cross-country skiing, start an hour's drive away. There are many smaller accommodations there that invite you to stay.

In Oradea you will also find a shopping mall with all well-known clothing brands such as H&M, C&A, Zara etc.
All well-known retailers such as Kaufland, Real, Penny, Carefour and Auchan are also represented and can be easily reached in 2 to 3 minutes by car from the residence. In addition to do-it-yourself markets such as Bricodepot, Hornbach, Merlin Leroy and Dedeman, you will also find a pharmacy on almost every corner, which easily stocks all the medication and bandages you need.


Medical care in Oradea is good. Whether it's simple wound care tasks or a weekly dialysis, up to CT scans, the public and private clinics here in Oradea are numerous and well equipped. Care at home can also be organized on a private basis (comparable to Spitex).

Oradea is also well positioned when it comes to Meals on Wheels. The prices are moderate and the quality is consistently good. You can order everything from good home-style food to sushi, pizza, etc. and have it delivered directly to your apartment within a reasonable period of time. There is also the possibility of a subscription for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means you get fresh food hot delivered to your home every day at top prices.

If you cannot or do not want to go shopping yourself, you can conveniently order all groceries from home at the same price as in the shop and have them delivered to you (delivery costs approx. € 3 additionally).

About me: I'm Swiss, born and raised in Switzerland and in Romania since 2014 and now living here. From my own experience I can tell you that the Western European propaganda stories about Romania are not true. Romania is a country like any other in Europe. You get everything here that you can get in Western Europe (... and much more) but simply much cheaper. The standard of living is comparable to Germany - only with the difference that not everything is over-regulated here and you enjoy much more freedom.

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